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Hershel Daniels Junior, McGraw Daniels and Friends of the African Union world as of October 13th 2013.

Friends of the African Union is dedicated to the furthering of ISO 26000 superset based digital solutions that include free STEM Badges and software that is free based on a means tested basis for the 1.4 billion people of the African union and its allies while working for freedom in the emerging African digital society.   We believe in cooperation, transparency and community public private partnership based reinvestment.

Friends of the African Union contributed to the world literacy summit as where we will announce our ISO 26000 superset based digital solutions project to educate 500M African children by 2030 based on the model developed in Cincinnati Ohio.

The 2014 World Literacy Summit will provide a central platform for champions of literacy from around the globe to come together and exchange points of view, knowledge and ideas. The most pressing issues that are impacting literacy today will be explored and examined across three days of presentations, discussions and debate.

Friends of the African Union is dedicated to providing access to ISO 26000 superset based digital solutions in STEM education.  Friends of the African Union subscribes to the belief that all people should be able to participate in a digital society.  We are today setting a framework to embed in our demonstration solution in Cincinnati the ability to use, study, share, and improve free software so as to allow equal participation by all segments of the African Union's 6th Region in Cincinnati.

Friends of the African Union aim, this day, is to present the framework to address the global literacy crisis in the African Union and provide opportunities for participants to develop strategic plans, exchange information, find solutions and build partnerships to improve literacy standards worldwide.  We will have a conference call on this at phone 213.493.0700 pin 106132# at 6PM EST today, March 26th 2014.

Concept Note [African Scientific Institute]

Africa has only 35 scientists and engineers per million inhabitants, compared with 168 for Brazil, 2,457 for Europe and 4,103 for the United States. Shortage of skills has been a major constraint to Africa’s progress in science, technology and innovation. The Pan African University (PAU) is the latest initiative put in place to address the skills shortage.

Unfortunately only 5% of young people in Sub Saharan Africa attend university (Awuah, 2012). A challenge for this initiative will be finding students for the university on a continent where secondary education enrollment is 43 percent more than 21.6 million children of lower secondary school age may never spend a single day in school and for those who want to attend where there are enough school places for just 36% of children of age to enroll (UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 2012). There is a need for alternative pathways to develop STEM capacity in essential skill shortage areas such as agriculture. This pathways needs to recognizes the large number children who do not follow a path to University and involve building STEM capacity in Primary aged children before they stop attending school .

The STEM Basic Steps Workshop responded to this need through a workshop in Nigeria that focused on creating STEM badges for people to earn as part of a Basic Education (UNESCO, 2013), which includes options involving technical and vocational education (UNESCO, 2013). The workshop developed by the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) will be facilitated by fellows from the African Scientific Institute (ASI) a non-profit organization representing a network of scientists, engineers, technologists, and health professionals, as well as young people aspiring to enter the world of science and technology.

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Friends of the African Union is creating a unified open source and documented based solution to literacy using the African Union's Agenda 2063.  Agenda 2063 is both a Vision and an Action Plan. It is a call for action to all segments of African society to work together to build a prosperous and united Africa based on shared values and a common destiny.

In their 50th Anniversary Solemn Declaration, the Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU), while acknowledging past successes and challenges, rededicated themselves to the continent’s accelerated development and technological progress.

Friends of the African Union is creating for Agenda 2063 a plan of action this year for information accessibility and how to raise awareness of Open Standards in the African union's 6 regions with a 2014 emphasis on North America.  Our initial demonstration city is Cincinnati, Ohio and centered around STEM based education and a FAME based after school program.

Friends of the African Union was asked by the African Union in August 2013 to the First African Union Consultation Meeting with the Diaspora on the African Union Agenda 2063 - New York, United States of America Oct. 8th through the 10th 2013. There we presented a 8 point framework for the creation of a public private partnership to be called the United States of Africa.
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