Friday, December 28, 2012

Today's FAU Planning Session Agenda

1. Introduction - Hershel Daniels Junior CCM, Lay Servant, ASI Fellow, FAU Chairman and Moderator

2. Introduction of the FAU National Fairness and Growth Campaign [Represented[ - Dr. Robert Day, PhD Responder and Convener through the 10 Operating Principals of the Friends of the African Union.

3. A / E / C and Urban Planning Team Represented - Ky. Col. Fred Hargrove, Sr PE MBA CCM ASI Fellow

4. STEM 7 and the Ohio Military Academy [Represented] - Col. Charles Britton, ONG Ret.

5. TC Adams FAU History and Updates

6. Public Private Partnership Status - South Fairmount Sustains, MTA Global Change Community, FWW Developers, FAU Cincinnati and those developments in Africa in Ghana,
Djibouti, Senegal, Angola, Morocco, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somali as well as Bermuda, Brazil, China, Russia and Germany.

7. Health Plan and Patent Pool featuring USPTO 5,577,042 Health Information eXchange and
a health care collective that will try to do an innovative health care initiative in Ohio, under a provision of Obamacare that allows for communities to set up experimental programs based on the Business Plan being proposed tomorrow.
8. Cincinnati Change and 501C3 Operations Plan.

9. Response to Sandy Study

10. smartHOUSING Plan [100 Market POA]

11. Power Plant powered by sewage P3 Proposal

12. Sustainable American Energy Plan

13. FAU Bank Trust & Insurance Plan

14. Sustainable American Universal Medical Plan

15. Sustainable American Business Plan including 2013 MVoP VOIP C6ISR Reseller Net called 5G operate in 100 markets by June 2013.

16. Corporate Standings [including documents of members of the United Methodist Men of Keys of the Kingdom UMC [UMMKoK] who on Dec 12th did, with other allies, institute a charter in creation of a modification of a Federal Reserve action, acting as agent for us through the United States Treasury, based on a Special Purpose Vehicle owned by a Public Private Partnership being proposed on December 16th 2012 with founders of Friends of the African Union.] Todd Adams UMC Project Manager for UMMKoK

17. Laws of the country of Bermuda pertaining to this transaction through FAU Bermuda as a 60/40 organization in formation

18. Overview of Laws pertaining to American Citizens doing business in a foreign country

19. DRAFT Framework for the Unsolicited Proposal to the President of the United States with collective work from FAU members and allies.

20. FEMA Plans and other USG Doc's as Reference

Friends of the African Union 2013 Planning Session Day 1.

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